Meet Elsie!

ElsieElsie was posted on Facebook as having a hurt front leg and the owner could not care for her. The post said she had been attacked by a pig. So Southern Indiana Animal Rescue was contacted and stepped up to take care of this baby girl. Once Elsie was picked up on our ride home we realized her leg was more than just hurt, it was just hanging there and she had no feeling in it. Elsie only had one external injury, a little bump on her hip. The pig story didn’t add up but it was all we had been told.

The following day was our trip to the vet. We were shocked to find out what her real injuries were. The vet could feel bone fragments from just touching her joint. Then the x-rays came in and confirmed what the vet felt. The x-ray showed her front leg would have to be amputated because the joint was shattered, her hip was broken and she had two BB’s in her little body. The bump on her hip was the location that at least one BB entered her body, the hole was still there and it is the size of the BB.

ElsieThis trauma she experienced was not something that had just happened because any other external injuries had healed. We do not know how long this abuse went on for this little girl but we know in her first 12 weeks of life she went through what no living thing should ever have to go through. We don’t know if a pig had anything to do with her injuries but we do know that someone did!

Even after a human treated her the way she was treated, she still loves people. Elsie is a happy, sweet and cuddly baby girl who deserves only the best!

Your donation will help us reach more dogs like Elsie!

“Because Dogs Can’t Type”

Southern Indiana Animal Rescue, (S.I.R), is an all volunteer group of caring individuals dedicated to saving companion animals whose lives are in jeopardy. We are a non-profit 501c-3.

Since we do not have a shelter, all our pets live in volunteer’s homes until their forever home is found. Animals are rescued from a variety of circumstances including stray, abandonment, owner surrenders, and kill shelters. Volunteers lovingly bring these animals into their home for temporary foster care where they receive full vetting including spay/neutering, microchipping, worming, flea, tick, and heartworm prevention; as well as rehabilitation, and socialization until they are adopted into their forever home.

We also educate the public about pet overpopulation and responsible, humane pet care.

Check out the “Events” page to see what activities SIR has planned!

Southern Indiana Animal Rescue strives to go “above and beyond” when caring for, socializing, and training our rescued pets. We are proud to say we care enough about our pets, that we welcome them into our homes as our own.  Just like people, pets have unique preferences and personalities.

We understand it is important to identify those qualities in order to match a rescued pet with the perfect home. We go the “extra mile”, because we strongly feel these animals have suffered enough. Both you and they deserve their next home to be a “forever home!


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