You can always teach a dog new tricks!


Rhyme is a beautiful Border Collie who we had the honor of meeting when he was surrendered by his owner. His owner was no longer able to take care of him.

Rhyme is very special. He was born without eyes. He is very loving, very affectionate, and loved to play. But he was intimidated by other dogs. Rhyme was very dependent on people to show him what he could not see in this world.

S.I.R wanted to find the best home for Rhyme. Being such a wonderful boy, he really deserved the best. After he was with us for a few weeks, we found the perfect place. Hull’s Haven Border Collie Rescue in Canada had experience with special needs like Rhyme. They actually have a great boy named Riddle, who was also born with no eyes. Upon first arriving at Hull’s Haven, Rhyme was a little nervous. It didn’t take him long to fit in with the Ruff House Rowdies, and even Riddle.

Watch the video to see how amazing these babies are!

15 Legs Documentary

In Fifteen Legs: When all that stands between death and freedom is a ride… Silva recounts her travels as an uninvited and sometimes suspiciously eye-balled guest aboard an Internet enabled escort service for last-chance animals.

Smitten by an inner urge to tell the public at large about the largely undiscovered world she stumbled upon, Silva writes, This notion of volunteers connecting in cyberspace on behalf of desperate, unwanted animals had stolen my heart. The thought of perfect strangers coming together and working as a team to shuttle society’s non-human cast-offs out of harms way was too wonderful a story to pass up. I had to tell it.

Through a whirlwind of voices speaking on behalf of angels wrapped in fur, Fifteen Legs shows us what can happen when a synchronized squad of strangers fuels up and hits the road. With stubborn optimism and a deep compassion for animals, Silva leaves room for everyone who wants to come along for the ride. No prior experience with shelters, pounds, or animal-people required.

Visit the official website to learn more:

Say a Prayer for Woo Woo

My crazy coonhound, affectionately known as “Woo Woo”, lost her battle with kidney disease.

Woo Woo was rescued from a hoarder after living in a crate, in a cold dark garage. She always hated the cold and loved sitting as close to the fire as possible to stay warm. She was listed on for 1 year and I only received one call. They took her for two days and promptly brought her back.

My grandson named her Woo Woo. She drove us crazy with her constant woo woo’s and OCD behavior, but was so calm and peaceful when she finally fell off to sleep at night. That’s how she looked when she took her last breath, at peace, where no one could hurt her anymore.

She danced to her own music. She ran the fields with her tail straight up in the air. She would jump in circles with sheer joy for no known reason. When I called her to come she ran in the opposite direction and when I turned my back she would appear in front of me.

Her free spirit will always be remembered.

Humane Lobby Day 2010

Today was a great success at the senate. Animal lovers banded together in Indianapolis to let our representatives know the importance of having stricter punishments for participants in dog fighting and more awareness about puppy mills, in hopes to put a long awaited end to two of the most torturous existences animals can face.

And today, we broke out the big guns:

Cole at the House of Representatives

Meet Cole. Cole was rescued during a drug raid led by police a few years ago. He was taken to a shelter, and later adopted by a member of the Humane Society. Cole is now a certified search and rescue dog. Today Cole put a beautiful face to cause we are all fighting for. He is a true and great ambassador of his breed and species.

Cole meets the Indiana State Police

Senator Lewis, and Rep. Goodin help make a stand against dog fighting:

Indiana State Senator Jim Lewis (Dem) State Representative Terry Goodin (State Rep.) are in support of a current bill that would have an ammendment to make dog fighting a felony. If this bill is passed, ALL participants in dog fighting rings, including spectators, would be charged with a felony. This will enable law enforcement to indict EVERYONE involved. Currently, since it is only a misdemeanor, it is hard to prove who is responsible for the fights and who are spectators, resulting in very few prosecution cases and minimal punishments. With a stricter law all participants are held accountable!

State Rep. Terry Goodin poses w Cole

Help us win this battle! Write to your legislatures and senators today, and tell them you would like to see stricter laws on dog fighting!

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